Water Physical Therapy Benefits

Water physical therapy

Water physical therapy refers to water exercises to treat various types of affections and injuries – it is also called aquatic rehabilitation. Water Physical Therapy Water physical therapy has many health benefits over the traditional physical therapy. In addition to being relaxing and enjoyable it offers: Who can…

Water Therapy for Weight Loss

Lose weight with water

How to use water therapy for weight loss? Well, consider that it’s something quite fun and relatively easy: Drink a glass of water and Jump in the pool! That’s almost it 😉 Now, seriously speaking… water can help you losing weight in two ways:…

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics are endurance type of exercises and if you do them on a regular basis, will help you lose weight, slow the aging effect, increase metabolism, or get muscle strength. Done typically in a group, it’s entertaining and you feel well and energized….

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