Blissfull Relaxation through a Home Foot Bath Spa

Foot Bath Spa

Why Do You Need A Foot Bath Spa?

Consider this question: how much do you use your feet per day?
– You use them constantly and tirelessly.
– You use them for walking, running, even basic standing.

Many people believe that a foot bath spa is no more than a physical relaxation and healing process. In reality it’s much more. A foot bath spa heals muscle and mind alike, and it does this very effectively.

A foot bath spa is a wholesome package; an all-rounder in the field of bodily bliss

You may think of how much extra effort would it be to go to a spa salon to get your feet relaxed. The good news is that you can have a foot bath spa right inside your bathroom. You can benefit from professional-like treatments and even from the famous spa massage. Take my word for: it will be easier than going to a salon, and more convenient.
Just soak your feet in a foot bath massager, sit back and relax. You’ll be surprised how well your entire body will feel!

The massage produced by the gentle vibrations is a great resource for increasing circulation and relaxing muscles. It will give your feet a personalized spa experience.

Foot soaks to use in your foot bath spa

The feet, are almost always cloaked in socks and shoes, carrying your body weight. They get tired and rusty – you as well. A Foot Bath Spa releases tensions, reduces tiredness, and gives the whole body a feeling of overall freshness and energy.

Foot soaks are designed specifically to help your feet recover after prolonged use. A foot bath spa will reduce symptoms like fatigue, muscular spasms, cramps, corns, and other ailments. Not only this, but it also exfoliates skin and eliminates signs of dryness from the feet, leaving them with a fresh, soft glow.

For Example:

  • Epsom salt is renowned for its relaxing properties
  • When added to a foot bath salt, Tea Tree oil fights bacteria and fungi and reliefs inflamed, irritated skin
  • Last but not least, the Dead Sea Salt helps to relieve aching joints and muscles, and refresh your feet.

So if you’re wondering why you need to consider a foot bath spa, here’s the answer: you deserve it. After a tireless day of walking and standing, this is the best you can do for your feet and yourself.

5 Reasons to use Detox Bath Salts in Your Own Spa

Detox bath salts

Detox bath salts have many health benefits for not only your body but also your soul. Switching off from our busy schedules to self-indulge is so important for maintaining balance in our lives.

Health benefits of detox bath salts

Every day we expose ourselves to unwanted toxins coming from stress, pollution, artificial foods and chemicals.

Bathing in detox bath salts is one of the best ways not only to cleanse and detox, but also relax and improve the appearance of your skin. The minerals found within these bath salts will help you:

1. Improve circulation and regulate insulin

Magnesium and sulfate aid balancing the insulin levels which in turn helps to regulate blood sugar levels. If you live in a cooler climate you might be more prone to bad circulation. A hot bath in detox bath salts is a great way to boost circulation and promote healthy blood flow throughout the body.

2. Reduce stress

Due to the particular nutrient magnesium being depleted from the body in times of stress, a long soak in detox bath salts will help to replenish your magnesium levels.
After a bath you will be left feeling relaxed inside and out as your body will absorb minerals and nutrients through your skin. Hot baths are a little oasis away from the outside world!

3. Reduce muscle pains

Magnesium relieves aching muscles, cramps and spasms which is great if you’ve had a long and active week. As the heat from the bath works on improving your circulation, your muscles will get more relaxed.
When you suffer from sore muscles, the area around also tends to tense up but following a hot bath you will notice a big improvement in any muscle soreness.

4. Rejuvenate and prevent premature aging of skin

Some detox bath salts formulas help reverse damage to the skin produced by UV radiations and pollutants. The nourishing elements contained in these packages will also restore skin elasticity.

5. Brighten skin and improve complexion

It’s known that the heat from the bath and in particular the steam helps your pores to open and release any trapped impurities.The detox bath salts contain many beneficial nutrients including potassium, magnesium, sulfate and calcium which will give you a healthy youthful looking skin.

Ready to indulge in pure luxury and allow your body to reap in the rewards of detox bath salts?

Masters of natural healing through balneotherapy came with amazing variations and combinations of bath salts.They also found that by adding botanical elements and oils increases the power of cleaning and beautifying.

Selecting your bath salts

After some inspiration for selecting the best salts? There are many available, and some of the most popular include:

Be sure to include detox bath salts in your beauty routine every week to truly reap in the health benefits!

Benefits of drinking mineral water

Mineral water benefits our body in various ways, and mineral springs are often recommended to treat a lot of disorders, including problems with the stomach and small intestine such as gastroenteritis, ulcers and constipation. They are real “Healing Springs”

The healing spring water is used to heal a range of aliments, in specific health resorts. In some parts of the world, people take highly mineralized water as part of a 10 – 12 day cure. Of course, this has to be done with a medical prescription and under supervision.

Mineral water benefits

One important benefit of mineral water is that it brings ground energy to the surface. Through drinking or bathing we benefit not only from their medicinal qualities but also from free geothermic energy.

Drinking mineral water benefits

  • Potassium found in some spring water regulates blood pressure and prevents muscle contractions/cramp.
  • Water rich in calcium strengthens bones and teeth, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Sulphur in drinking water can cure chronic gastritis, enterocolitis and intestinal dyspepsia
  • Magnesium is one of the minerals which is deficient in most of our diets and is necessary for our metabolism.
    – Water rich in magnesium can help support heart, muscle and nerve function, and may prevent hypertension. Magnesium also supports a healthy immune system. – It is found in small amounts in most American mineral waters, but in larger amounts in many European waters, such as Badoit from France and Gerolsteiner from Germany.
  • Drinking carbonated spring waters over a 4-week period has also been shown to reduce stomach acid, which is beneficial to patients with chronic gastritis, inflammation of the duodenum or a stomach ulcer.
NOTE: For medical purposes, healing spring waters have to be consumed directly at the source. They are more beneficial than the bottled water taken from the same spring and processed at a bottling plant. This is because exposure to the air causes oxidation, whereby energy-giving ions are lost from the water. Some minerals and gases oxidize very quickly after leaving the earth, so the time it takes to transport water from source to bottle means that the water is constantly losing the mineral benefits for which it is known.

Some Mineral water benefits come also from bathing in natural springs.

In Europe for instance, doctors recommend bathing in mineral water rich in iodine on rheumatic diseases and chronic gynecological disorders.
– Drinking natural iodinated water is indicated for thyroid disorders

Find out some of the best mineral water brands you can buy in stores

If you want to learn more about healing spring water, read the wonderful “Healing Springs” book by Nathaniel Altman

Kids Swimming

Swimming and feeling comfortable in water is very important for kids’ health and further development. As much as I remember from my infancy, kids love playing in water. It’s something natural and instinctual. and parents should encourage this healthy activity.

Benefits of swimming for kids

Experts say that swimming is an excellent activity for children’s evolution, with a lot of health benefits on their mental, physical and emotional level:

1. Kids that are swimming seem to get more intelligent than those that don’t

– Children participating in swimming programs have been found to score higher for intelligence and problem-solving. * This is because swimming is a ambidextrous activity which involves both sides of the body and especially of the brain.

Studies have shown that ambidextrous people are more emotionally balanced, adaptable and capable of resolving problems easier. – Source:

English: Swimming goggles and snorkel tube
English: Swimming goggles and snorkel tube (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Kids who swim develop better skills for life

– Children who swim year round are found to be more self-disciplined, more motivated and self-confident to succeed.

3. Kids who swim grow stronger

The water resistance makes the whole body work and children will develop the muscular strength and flexibility. Children who swim will grow much stronger and more coordinated than others.

Girl snorkeling
Girl snorkeling in shallow water

4. Kids get more oxygen and breathe better

The exercise made with the arms while advancing the in the water and breathing is a great way to develop the upper body muscles and increase the lungs capacity

– Maybe one of the most important benefits of water activities for kids is that they will breathe the fresh air, charged with healthy negative ions which has been proven to be beneficial for the respiratory system.

5. Kids swimming are happy

– Besides all its obvious health benefits, swimming is fun, and learning how to swim can become an enjoyable task.

 6. Children are playing and learning

– Snorkeling and Scuba diving are excellent ways to attract kids to swimming, and they are at the same time educational. Examples are water toys like a floating device with a window, a snorkeling raft and mask, allowing them to see underwater.

Sea Window Atlantis snorkeling raft
Sea Window Atlantis snorkeling raft
U.S. Divers Snorkeling Vest
U.S. Divers Snorkeling Vest
Snorkeling Scuba Diving Mask DRY Snorkel Fins Set for kids
Snorkeling Scuba Diving Mask Dry Snorkel Fins Set for kids

Benefits of Water for Skin – Keep your Skin Hydrated to Look Beautiful

Benefits of Water for Skin

Wondering what are the benefits of water for skin?

A dermatologist told me that the skin’s health is just the reflection of our internal health. This is very important to know, because our health is so much related to water, internally and externally.

Our larger and more exposed organ, which is the skin, benefits from water as much as our entire body does.

Of course, the skin needs much more than water to look beautiful, but this is not the subject of this site. Just think that when you look for healthy beautiful skin, water is the basic requirement, but often disregarded.

– Dry skin for instance is one of the first symptoms of dehydration.

Benefits of Water for Skin

Keep your skin hydrated to look beautiful!

Drinking water for skin health is mandatory

Drinking Clean Water
Drinking Water for health and beauty

The skin has the ability to perspire to cool and regulate body temperature. If there is dehydration, the water reserves may be used up without being replaced at the same rate as the water lost.

On dehydration, there is less capillary circulation to the skin area to give it the healthy color and moisture it should have. – Therefore, when the skin loses water it shrinks, wrinkles, cracks and loses volume and elasticity.

Dehydration is one of the reasons why you often see young women with their skin already aged beyond their years. tells Dr. Batmanghelidj.
*The face is the most exposed to wind and sun elements that increase water loss from its surface. (according to Dr. Batmanghelidj, male hormones bring more circulation to the facial skin than women’s).

“The ultimate stage of skin dehydration is scleroderma: the skin becomes atrophied and begins to resemble a crocodile’s. The good news is that at its early phase, scleroderma can be reversed by increasing water intake.” – Dr. Batmanghelidj

* Drinking water is not only important for the visible part of the skin, but also for keeping your eyes and the mucous membranes moist. (mucous membranes are those found in the nose, digestive and respiratory organs, genital system and middle ear).

Benefits of Water for Skin: Keep your skin moist from outside

drops-of-water-on-leaves-wsThe benefits of water for skin are not limited to drinking water. Our skin needs to be moist all the time in order to function properly.

What about the dry air that gives so much discomfort on our skin?

In dry climates drinking water is not enough to keep it hydrated. When the air is too dry, like in the winter for instance, we need to add an air humidifier into our environment. Home water features are good humidifiers if you want to go natural, but often artificial air humidifiers are more efficient. The water evaporation produced by such a device will make the air easier to breathe and the skin less itchy.

* I can tell you that I spent a few months in Nevada last year and no lotion could help my dry skin – the itchiness only stopped when I changed the climate.

Water and eye care

… Same story with the eyes: the dryness of the air combined with long hours on the computer made my eyes red and itchy – when I asked at the pharmacy, I was advised to use artificial tears, which fortunately helped.

Drinking water is also very important for Eye Care

eyeMy optometrist told me that cornea is 80% water. Working long hours on the computer makes the eyes dry. Just closing the eyes for a few seconds every hour  and blinking frequently allows liquid from the tear glands to moisturise and lubricate the cornea.

He recommended regular drinking of water for good eye health…

There are plenty benefits of water for skin. No wonder there are so many “bath and body” practices based on the external use of water and related skin products.

Physical Water Therapy

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