Water Features – 5 good reasons to use them in your environment

Water Features

I love water features, wherever and whenever I see them:

  • Outdoors – like in parks, front yards, plaza’s and streets, or
  • Indoors – like in public buildings and homes

Water features like a backyard pond, a waterfall or water fountain fountain offer a very pleasant spectacle of sound, as water falls gently over rocks and steps. They are an excellent place to unwind at the end of a stressful day.

Water features benefits

Water fountain If you are like me you certainly love them too… but have you ever thought about all the health benefits they bring to us? Let’s see:

1. Water features refresh the air we breathe

Certainly, one of the main benefits of home water features is that they humidify and purify the air around. Water features generate beneficial negative ions into your environment, and this is very important considering the many unhealthy conditions created by our modern living.

2. Water features bring a calming environment, making us feel good and relaxed.

Relaxing indoor water feature
Relaxing indoor water feature

From creating a serene audio backdrop, to visually exciting our senses and connecting us to nature, flowing water carries beauty, health, and harmony into your environment.

Outdoor and indoor water features will transform your home or backyard into an oasis of fresh air and relaxation.

You can use an indoor water fountain to bring a little part of the outdoors inside.

3. We can benefit from the sound therapy created by the moving water

Outdoor pondless waterfall
Outdoor pondless waterfall

It has been demonstrated that our body can be affected by different frequencies of sound and resonate with it.

The sound of falling or moving water is one of the most relaxing and beneficial for the mind. It has the ability to calm, inspire and heal. That’s why flowing water has always been important in the design of gardens, temples and cities during the human history.

4. Art therapy with water features

Pond kit to build a beautiful water garden
Pond kit to build a beautiful water garden

It’s so nice to see a water feature incorporated in the home design, office, or community spaces

Throughout human history, beauty has been an essential part in the spiritual healing. Being near a water feature can stimulate our creativity and enhance your connection to spirit.

Waterfalls, fountains, ponds and streams of water can add a beautiful visual element to any garden, backyard or home decor.

5. Use water features to create the flow of good energy into your home or workplace

Indoor water feature - Water Bell Fountain
Indoor water feature

Water features an important element in the ancient Chinese art and science of Feng Shui. The flowing and waving water will balance the straight, harsh shapes and textures of architectural elements, creating harmony and peace.  Water features are believed to bring not only health, but especially prosperity to your life, whether used at home or office. Place a bird bath on the left side of your entrance door to invite the good energy to your house.

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